Andrés Velázquez Diamantino

I am currently a 22 year old student of law at UNAM and it´s been ages since I hadn´t uploaded or checked this site, but I promise to bring new art to this space and probably delete the old one (had a problem for 5 years with the password to this account involving a lost e-mail, but the FAQ on this website is certainly very useful) or at least the old art to which I am not particularly fond of.  I draw inspired mostly by art itself. I am aware that i am no professional and that my art does not even compare to many artists around this site (I don´t care about comparissons) to whose work I can´t help but feeling awe, same awe which inspires me to improve my frantic doodles, same awe which I get from listening to music, watching a very deep movie (or maybe even not so deep but a shallow maybe which casually throws a line or two or an image of such beauty that may strike me as an epiphany), and from observing life itself. I also draw some inspiration from my own which happens usually when I seem like lost or tripping and gazing into oblivion and aethereal nothingness... bleh :P. Feel always free to share any criticism, at times it is useful.