Lisa Diamond

~~***PLEASE go to I update regularly there and have much more stuff, and it's NEW, and BETTER. Just look between all the photos and you will find MANGA. THANKS!!**~~~ I am a 16 year old girl, who is 5'3 with blue eyes and brown hair, for those curious. I have spent my entire life loving art and drawing, and have been into anime/manga for over three years now. I tried drawing on the computer for a while, and took classes in school, but have yet to use anything to really improve my coloring (can't afford the software). I use to like to write, but haven't done it in quite a while, and now prefer to listen to the stories my best friend creates, and then illustrate his characters for him. I have many characters of my own and stories created for them, but have not had time to write anything down. If I ever get some time when I don't have obligations to other people, I sincerely hope I can get my creativeness out. Most of my pictures are extremely old, and really need improving or coloring. Again, when I get freetime I hope to redo some of the ones I see with potential. My favorite comics are: Planet Ladder JtHM Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Tuxedo Gin Alice 19th Fruits Basket Faeries' Landing Kagerou Megatokyo Penny Arcade Angel Moxie Slackers 9th Elsewhere Life of Riley Fallen Return To Sender Get A Life High Treason Hypocritical Hero Strings of Fate (click here to find out what this code means)MuC N-- S.H+/S.Hf/S.Uv/S.Sa/S.Sd/S.Mfh/ A(bA---;r---/-) On Wf+ Cc+ I OF(r-/o+) Ppsi Fc+^ T- Xs Js/Ja D(j/c) R C So++