Diana Clark

I'm eighteen years old, a student studying at the university of Ottawa. I plan to major in English, but I love art as well, hense I am here. Words are only verbal representation of ideas while art is a visual representation, so long as the ideas are inside your mind, the art of writing and the art of drawing are interchangeable, or that is how I see it. I am a bit of a goth, a wiccan and bisexual. I like to hold openminded views on the world and current issues, but I can be a bit old-fashioned and conservative as well. I like traditional things and heritage. Studying history, especially ancient and from classical periods has been my hobby always and now I can take courses in University too and those are some of my most favourite ones. I write stories and RP with my friends a lot and that is where a lot of my inspiration for art comes from. If I don't write, I don't draw so to speak. Well, I told you some of the things I like, and I probably should tell you some things I don't like and that offend me the most. 1.The worst of the things I abhore is discrimination. If you are that kind of person, you are not welcome here. 2.I don't like criticism without grounds, I don't like baseless opinions in the comments such as 'I don't like it' or 'you suck' or even 'Wow! This is great!'. Such comments do me no good, if you leave me a review, please take your time to leave a constructive one, and if you can not be bothered, please don't leave one at all. I take time to always reply to ALL the comments I get and it is frustrating to have to write 'thanks' and 'thanks' and 'Thananks' for every one of them. 3. I don't like people taking my art without telling me that they are. I really don't mind if you use my pictures. If you like them, go ahead and use them so long as you don't sell them (frankly speaking I don't think they are good enough to be sold anyways), but please, if you are going to post them somewhere else, please leave a comment and a link, or even if you are not going to post them but are taking them for your own use, still tell me. It's actually quite flattering if I'm told my art is good enough to be used by people, so long as they are not just stealing it without telling me. Thank you in advance! NOTES: 1. I take requests, art trades, and suggestions for drawing. I can not promise you that I will finish them, but if you have characters in stories and RPGs that are not half animals (because I really can't draw those) and you want them drawn, leave me a comment asking for it with your contact info and chances are, I will be more than glad to draw a picture for you (especially if I like the idea and get inspired by it) 2. The art in this gallery is VERY old, it's from when I was still 15. After a while I stopped updating this gallery because it was too much hassle and moved to DA, but now I'm back (I think) and will be updating this place with new pictures so if you think that I'm not good enough to be offering to draw things for people (see note 1.) then please wait for the newer pictures, I really am much better now than I was then. 3. I don't have a scanner in residence so all newest pictures that I draw, I will have to take a picture of them with my digital camera and upload them that way. I appologise in advance for the poor quality. Eventually, all those will be updated with cleaner scans when I go home and am able to scan them, but for now, please bare with me.