Austin Dibble

I was born on 24th May, 1976, in a town called Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, England. I draw/paint because I'm an artist, and it's the only way I can give voice to my inner being... It's difficult to pin-point my inspirations, and so intead I'd like to thank the following for contributing to the melting-pot of ideas that constitutes my imagination: Tharg the Mighty, Brian Bolland, Jaime Hernandez, Steve Yeowell, Fraser Irving, Katsuhiro Otomo, Brian Talbot, Andy Clarke, Carlos Ezquerra, Arthur Ranson, John Ridgeway, Dave Sim & Gerhard, Brian Froud, Mike Mignola, J K Rowling, Terry Pratchett, John Wyndham, Michael Marshall Smith, Neil Gaiman, Gordon Rennie, H P Lovecraft, Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Susan Cooper, Alan Garner, Norse Mythology, folklore, Black Sabbath, Mogwai, Darkthrone, Hate Forest, Mudhoney, Spacemen 3, Mercury Rev, Dinosaur Jr, The Road Warrior (Mad Max II), Star Wars (Episodes IV, V & VI), Twin Peaks, Kevin Smith, the Coen Brothers, Rainbow, Camberwick Green, the Moomins, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bruce Lee, Jim Henson, Ray Harryhausen, Fallout 2, Dr Who, Worzel Gummidge, Robin of Sherwood, Matt, Beanie, Suze, all my other friends, and last, but by no means least, my family (not least little Maddy!)... The list could, of course, go on... Anyway, I hope you like my work — thanks for stopping by!