Jessica Sullivan

Okay, firstly, HI! Secondly, guess what? I draw!! ^__^ I get my inspiration from all you other artists out there, you're work is amazing, and who knows maybe one day I shall be honoured with a comment from you! My fave mediums to work with are watercolours and pencil crayons. I have experimented with wax colours.. And well, Laura has the results!! I love drawing mythical beasties and fantasy themed stuff, but I can't help drawing fan art of my fave characters. This randomness comes about as you never seem to be able to find pics of fave side characters, and seeing as I seem to have a fetish for them, I draw them!! Feel free to add me if you have hotmail, I love a natter, especially to fellow artists!! Hope you like my art! -Jessie- Want to do art trades or request something, and such, then cool!! Bring it on!! Drop us a line, I'll readily reply!! Ona another note, welcome to my FanQuater gallery! Sorry its way down here, my welcome that is.. But I'm lazy.. And just copy pasted my Fantasy gallery desc. >:3 Thanks to all those who comment, I LOVE you guys!! *glompies*