Diana Gibson

Hello, so you want to know a bit about me eh? Eeek! Scary thought! LOL! Well, I'd like to think that I'm a fun loving, friendly person. I have always enjoyed writing stories, and drawing, and yes, I was one of those constant doodlers in school. Fact is I still doodle, but at least they seem to have improved. Disney of course had been a fantastic inspiration for me, then later, as my love of fantasy grew, I found a wonderful series by the name of ElfQuest, by Richard and Windy Pini. I guess most of my fantasy art has a little hint of both styles, but all my own work, and mostly my own characters, though I have done drawings for others. I enjoy role-playing in real life and on line. I have an on line guild, bassed on my novel about the City of Moonblade (still unpublished at this time). And many of my pictures are of these characters. Many of what I have are line drawings of characters that I hope to have colorized very soon. I apologize for the long laps in my activity as an artist and up-keeping of this Elfwood page due to my mother's long fight, then sad passing from Breast cancer. Then dealing with yet another loss from my brother's sudden passing. So I needed some time, but now I am ready to continue my work and I do hope that you enjoy it. If you see a PIC you like and want higher resolution, you might check out my personal art page, or let me know. Now, as for my drow, many of you argue about the color of their eyes. The TSR books themselves state that 'most' have red eyes, BUT, can and do on rare occasions have other colors, including violet, like the famous Drizzt, or green like my Nuvea family or on even rarer occasions, blue.