Nolan Lewis

1/18/05 Sent in a new ticket, new elf, Bowcrafter, Mental Barbarian, Stonegolem, werewolf, and a stronghold. Woo, happy new year! I've always been very interested in making new things. New creatures. New places. I do some dabbling in writing also, but drawing is a bit easier for me. What origonally got me completely interested in fantasy was the Warcraft series by Blizzard. There's other stuff, but none of them are as important to list. I'm a big fan of Blizzard's other works, of course, but space-fantasy isn't as natural as medieval-fantasy is. As a race we just have alot more basis on what medieval-fantasy is, and it would be pushing it a little to understand what space-fantasy could truely be like. I do sometimes do some space-fantasy though, but not nearly as much as medieval-fantasy. I'm not really any kind of master in art, though, I'm more of a philosophical person, if you haven't been able to tell already. :P I try to incorporate that into my artwork. I try to keep the pictures balanced, or try to have one general idea the basis for what the rest of the piece is like. And alot of the time also, I tend to leave the guidelines in my pieces, because as I draw, I draw the picture around them, and they become pieces of eachother. The only real thing I'm bummed about right now is I have no way to color my pieces. I have some color pencils, but pfft. Quite often I think that certain pictures of mine aren't living up to their true potential being all black and white.