S. Disch

I still ejoy watching a ton of anime and love reading manga. I own a few series myself.  I have my own style of anime inspired drawing so please have an open mind. Constructive criticism and suggestions on how I can improve are always welcome ^-^ I still have the rule of no nasty, racial, ignorant, stupid etc. comments. If you still find the need to pollute my comment pages with that kind of crap I shall righteously remove your comment Anime recommended: Ayatsuri Sakon, Bleach, Chobits, Cowboy Bebop,  Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Hack.Sign, Hellsing, I My Me Strawbeery Eggs, I love Hina, Itazura na Kiss, Kamichama Karin, Kare Kano, Nabari no Ou, Naruto, Rozen Maiden, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Samurai Champloo, Shugo Chara!, Trigun, XxXHolic: Kei ....hmmm seems to be about it =D   Mangas recommended: Sorcerer Hunters, Mars, Kare Kano, Ceres Battle Royale (still can't say anything besides: violence AND panty shots), Ragnarok, Demon Diary, Fake (both the bishis are just...hot, personally I would still go for any one of the two any day...if only they could be real =D), Gravitation, Hot Gimmick (damn Ryoki be hot), Onegai! Teacher!, Descendents of Darkness, The Devil does exist (weird but funny as hell), Blade of the Immortal (this is so far the best manga I have been reading considering storyline, art and actually the dialogue rocks too), Girl got Game.   Ya'll should check out some of these sites, they are all talented artists: Jen The unholiness her self She has amazing stuff I highly recommend a visit to her place, word of warning keep your soul close at hand or you might lose it sometime during your visit. Have fun^-^  Justin is a very good artist check his site out^-^He has some really cool charactersDiana's work is really cool so I suggest you visit her too^-^ She is a good artist, and she has great ideasSarah 'Rah' Cloutier's stuff is just plain fabulous ^-^ She has 7 mods choice you are NOT gonna be disappointedÚrsula Dorada draws really cool anime characters ^-^ She is definitely worth a visit