Kristen Fulara

Ummm...*ponders with eye cocked* No I can't possibly be that boring that I don't know what to put here. Oh Oh!! Alrighty, I'm a college student working my way on through as a studio art major with an emphasis in computer graphics. I enjoy drawing unsual things that I make up completely in my head or werewolves and furry art, concentrated mostly on the equine form. I'm one of the few people I know who actually loves working in pen over pencil. I've always needed to express myself and I'm not much of a litery person (I've got about 300 unfinished stories) so drawing/painting seemed like a natural combo. I hope one day to be working and designing movie posters or magazine ads or just anything where I get to use adobe and get paid for it really. Most of that stuff I can't put up here though :/ Oh well! Its all good! I'm a member of the comment exchange program, meaning if you comment on my art I will do the same for you! The more generous you are generally works to the same effect in return but please try to be as helpful as possible :)