Wooh! My first library! This is the first time I've let anyone but my very close personal friends read any of my stories (except for English teachers in High School). I really hope you enjoy them, and will tell me what you think of them (favourably, of course!). I am an English Major at the University of Ottawa, and I'd like to take a minor in translation. I want to be a writer one day, so this, as well as getting a Wyvern account, is my first step in that direction. I write because I can. I have an excessive amount of imagination, and if I didn't let some of it out, my head would explode. To this day, I have about 45 stories that are more or less complete. I hope that, with favourable comments from strangers and wonderful fellow Elfwoodians, that I will be inspired to continue or finish some of the incomplete ones. So voilĂ , that's me in a nutshell! :)

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 6

I'm actually posting something?? *shock!* I finally figured a way to get my stuff compatible with Elfwood again! Either that, or something was fixed. The point is, I'm finally at long last posting something new! In this chapter, Quinn continues to learn how to control her powers. Something happens that neither she nor Kaze could have expected... *suspense!*

Apocalypse: chapter 3

Yay! Chapter 3! This one was a lot of fun to do, because I am a pretty big fan of gore, and it's not every day that I get the chance to incorporate some in my stories. I won't tell you what kind of gore it is, though, or it will ruin the surprise. Yay for angst!

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 2

Huzzah! A new character! You may remember Keenan from the frist Mage, though he wasn't named back then. I don't quite remember if I explained last time why Quinn's hair changes for no apparent reason whenever something big happens to her, but I do now. I like the dream very much. I don't know where it came from, but it kind of freaks me out, when I think about it. All will be explained in time. Another warning, this sequel will be posted very slowly. It hasn't been written yet, and I sometimes find it hard to be inspired to continue it. I'm still working mainly on Apocalypse and Shadowcat.

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 1

Harlequinn is not your run-of-the-mill sorceress. Although she goes to the Magecraft, Witchcraft and Sorcery institute, she has no magic whatsoever. Or at least, that's what she made herself believe. With an explosion of uber powerful magic, she has to learn to control it, or be consumed by it. In the meantime, she meets four parts of the same whole, and must team up with them to defeat an ancient evil that threatens to awaken and destroy the world. (NOTE: All spells are non-translatable. They are in a language that is completely made up. Any resemblance to words or any existing language is strictly coincidental. Also, sentences in italics and quotation marks are thoughts and can only be heard by somone with psychic powers, which is usually Quinn.) I'm very happy with this story, as it is my first completed story that is over 20 pages long (on MS Word). I will be editing things, but for now, I'm very happy with it.

Ashes and Dust

A short story! Shocker! I usually can't write short stories because I have a million other ideas and I want to write more. That was originally the plan for Ashes and Dust. I still have tons of ideas, like writing about Dust's past, but I really like the way it is now. I don't want to add anything else. I love it to bits! This actually came to me when I thought about the biblical thing 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, evil to darkness. Amen.' It was in one of the Diabolo mangas. :P It got me to thinking, and this is what came out of it. I also wanted to write something that DOESN'T end well, for once! I made my mom cry! I hope you like it! I'm putting a language and violence warning. It's still relatively tame by today's standards, but if you're sensitive to death and such, don't read. You have been warned.

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 6

The exciting conclusion to the story. When Zephyr, Hariken, Mikaze and Arashi are on the brink of death, Quinn must make a life- shattering decision. Can her immature powers save her friends and the world? Woohoo! The end! I'm really proud of this story, and I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the sequel! (which I have already started writing =P)

Witness of the World

Another short story, written some time during grade 11 or 12. I was experimenting with first person narration. It all started with 'one thousand, six hundred and eighty-three years'. I seemed to be going through a morbid period, obsessing over the end of the world (Apocalypse was written around the same time).

Shadowcat: Chapter Two

Chapter two. New friendships are formed, older friendships deepen, old enemies come back and run like hell. I know there isn't much magic going on yet, but soon there will be much more. I'll also include a history of the Yehalo soon, since I just invented them about an hour ago and I have no idea why they aren't liked very much. =) I just realised that Teron's suspicions of Tan not bowing down to him is strangely prophetic. I didn't even remember this when I wrote what happens much much much much later! The currency they use in Myridan is credits. They are usually in the shape of cards (yes, credit cards), or can also be in paper form, like cash. I don't know what the equivalent is, but for an amber to cost five hundred credits, they don't count for that much.

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapters 8 and 9

Quinn has only to complete one last task before she can FINALLY get the answers to the mysteries surrounding her. A prophecy made long before the first Free Mage will change Quinn's life forever. The chapter is very short for a reason. These two chapters, particularly chapter 9, are considerably darker than the others. I couldn't write them any other way.

Shadowcat: Chapter Five

This chapter was hard to write, if only because I got bored of it. It amuses me, though, for some odd reason. The first raid the two young nicks go on. Will they succeed? Read it and find out. :P


Just a short poem I wrote in my American Lit class. Excruciatingly boring, it was, that class. Don't know where the poem came from; it kind of wrote itself. I'm actually very proud of it.


Written in one sitting one day at school, during a break. Inspired by a number of things, but I think it came mostly from the word 'Neverwhere'. I love my fish! :D

Mage: The Awakening; chapters 3 and 4

Enter Silirenkath, aka Silk, the Free Magic demon. Zephyr doesn't like him very much, and he has very good reason. Quinn knows that he's probably right, but what sane teenager listens to his or her teacher? This chapter is quite a bit shorter than the other ones, but no less important. Then in chapter 4, Quinn's powers continue to grow. An old friend returns. A new one arrives. So many things happening at once! Quinn's attachment to Silk is making her a bit reckless, and Zephyr is NOT happy.

Shadowcat: Chapter Three

Time passes. Tanwyn's been with the Nick for quite a while now, and things could not be better for her. She's finally given a job of her own, with Rayden.This chapter isn't one of my best. I guess I was just trying to fill space. I've written things that happen a lot later, so I don't have anything to come right after this yet. Anyhoo, enough talk.

Shadowcat: Chapter Four

Before the raid can begin, Tanwyn has to find a space distorter. She goes in the Black Market, looking up a contact no one knows she has. Part of this chapter, the black market part, came completely out of nowhere. I had no intention whatsoever to write it, but as I was pondering where Tanwyn could find a space distorter (which will be explained in chapter five), I thought of having a black market. It will appear several more times in the future. It was also an excuse to name a character Ichinichi (Carr, you know what I'm talking about! :P)

Shadowcat: Chapter Six

After successfully completing the raid, Tanwyn now has to keep her promise to Ichinichi. But the dealer has a few surprises of his own for the girl. Can she collect the grade nine prize that she promised on time and without getting caught?

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 5

Quinn is back, and the students aren't very happy. Neither is Zephyr, for that matter, and Hariken is pretty mad at her too. Her training seems to have done her a lot of good, though. Enter Mikaze. Who is this one? I'm not gonna say. =P The four are gathering. Quinn begins to suspect something, particularly when the teachers all mysteriously quit or go on vacation, and the students are all sent home. The fourth is near.Once again, all spells that are potentially in here are non translatable.

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 4

Written in record time! Very inspired to write today. I really like this chapter, and I think I'm starting to like this sequel better than the first one! Interesting tidbit about Kaze's past that was totally unexpected, even for me. Ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger, after a bit of tragedy.

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 5

I started writing this chapter AGES ago, then recently I lost it when my laptop crashed. *cries* I rewrote it as best I could, changing some things around, and I suppose I'm satisfied with it. All in all though, nothing much happens in this chapter. Quinn starts to learn how to See. Also, a strange name appears. Will it have some kind of impact on the rest of the story? It should, as long as I don't forget about it. :S And like an idiot, I didn't notice that I hadn't uploaded this chapter yet!! I apologize from the bottom of my heart to the people who have been waiting forever! I sincerely apologize as well for the EXCRUCIATING delay. Technology hates me. So here it is, at LONG last!

Shadowcat: Chapter One

Totally unoriginal title, but work with me here. Chapter one of a very long story that isn't even close to being finished yet. This is one of the first stories I ever started writing, therefore it is the longest running. Introductory chapter. Shadowcat is an outcast in every way: she is a street rat, a girl and a Yehalo, a race not widely liked. She seeks to have a better life, or no life at all, thus she meets the Court of the Nick. By the way, 'Nick' here is not a person's name; it's derived from the colloquial verb 'to nick' which means to steal. This is a strange kind of modern fantasy that includes some sci-fi elements, some fantasy elements and some modern elements. Just think of the story going on in a modern western city that happens to run on a feudal system with a monarchy and technologically advanced weapons, whose inhabitants can use magic and wear things like tunics, breeches, cloaks and gowns and stuff. I apologise for the bad English, but these people are street kids who never went to school. Blasers are knives (with laser blades) and blasters are guns (like in Star Wars).


In the not-so-distant future, the world is in complete chaos. Angels rain down from the sky as Demons rise from the depths of Hell. Can one human and the most irresponsible Archangel find a way to bring peace back into the world? This is the first story I've written that I was completely satisfied with. Now, though, when I read it again, I find at least a thousand things that I could have written better. I am putting it up as-is though, because I really am proud of how surprisingly well it was written in less than twelve hours while I was reading a novel at the same time! It will be rewritten, but I leave this here for now.

Apocalypse: chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1 of this exciting story! Or at least, I think it is... In any case, enter the Archangels. Rhan seems to have some issues with them, and they don't seem too pleased with him either. And we finally learn Rhan's name! *gasp!* How will this affect the outcome of the Apocalypse? Not at all! =P And here is chapter 2 as well! A lot of things are happening now. Gabriel is a little bit too interested in Rhan for his own good, and he does things that could cost him his position as Archangel. Keep on reading, folks, things will only get worse before they get better!

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 1

HORRAY!! The sequel! :D I'm not anywhere close to be finished this story, only two chapters and a bit so far, but I just felt the need to put what I have up. For the beginning, I tried to give a little resumé of what happened in the first Mage story, without being repetitive. I think I succeeded. Kaze and Quinn are back, and taking lessons together. More fun stuff, new characters and old favourites to come eventually. I hope this is as enjoyed as the last one. Just a reminder: as in the last story, sentences in italics and quotation marks are telepathic thoughts.

Mage: The Awakening; chapter 2

The continuation of the story. Quinn meets the fiery Hariken, Prince of the Desert. What is his relation to Zephyr? And why has he shown up so suddenly? These questions won't all be answered just yet, but it's still a fun chapter!

Project S-001, I

In the distant future, mankind has destroyed the world's surface and is forced to live underwater in huge bubble-cities. They are forced to rely on trade with the merpeople to stay alive; they also have to adhere to the merpeople's laws, and need to stay on their good side if they are to be allowed to hunt in the merpeople's territories. Scientists have been conducting experiments for nearly ten years to find a way for humans to breathe underwater.

Apocalypse: Epilogue

Boohoo! It's the end! This one has a bit of touchy-feely loveliness at the end, but not too much. All's well that ends well, right? But as I said for chapter one, this story IS in the process of being rewritten, and will be ten thousand times better than this one is! So be prepared for new characters, better descriptions, and more angst! And yes, more details about the whos and wherefores of the Apocalypse. And be prepared to see the Devil at work! That's all for now!

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 7

Well, I said I wouldn't do it, but I did! I promised myself I wouldn't start working on part III until I finished part II, but guess what I went and did? The main reason it took me so long to get this chapter done was because I started and finished chapter 1 of part III. *hangs head in shame* Quinn reaches her destination, and is met by an old friend.

Mage II: A Higher Power; chapter 3

I decided it might be fun to have a bit of a history of magic and Mages and all that. I haven't put everything, mostly because Quinn is researching it all and what she doesn't know, I don't say (mostly because I don't know either). Kaze has a secret revealed, and Quinn realizes things might not be over for her yet. Another new character, this one who has never been mentioned before.

Apocalypse: chapter 4

Angst, angst and more angst. I just can't get enough of it! Seriously though, this is a pretty depressing chapter for both Rhan and Gabriel. The Apocalypse is at its peak, and now, it's become personal! WARNING: for those who have a problem with male/male relationships, I suggest you skip this part, or just the end of it, though you won't understand a bloody thing after. There's nothing graphic (as per the rules, naturally) but there is a kiss. If this bothers you, don't say I didn't warn you!My darling Genipoo drew two gorgeous pics for this chapter, one of them visibly more recent than the other, since her style greatly improved. You can view them here and here The second one, with Rhan and his funky wings, is the most recent and the most acurate. This is what Rhan is supposed to look like, the hair especially has been improved. You rock, Gen! Draw Gabriel next! <3