Hero Versus A Medusa

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David Melik

    I did this study of one figure in the ancient 'Laocoön and His Sons' sculpture, and a Greek temple, in one of my first high school art classes. Actually, on the other side, it looked less like the sculpture, but my art teacher said (paraphrased) 'make it look more like something you are studying.' The picture is about a hero seeing a medusa's face, and turning to stone, but either it is showing an instant in the process, or he is a demigod and resisting it.

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An Elven Epyllion

    This is a rhymed fantasy epyllion (short epic, which can be anything from a couple to even 500 or maybe more lines, and mine is close enough to 500 for me to be a decent epyllion.) I began the story in 1990 - '1 academic year, and the poetry in '95 - '6. It could be called 'high fantasy' and is mythology-based, including European and pagan Gnostic gods ('Ya' is short for 'Yaldabaoth,') magic lands, elves & dwarves, wizards & warriors, monsters (including humanoids, undead, dragons, some not specified as far as the epyllion is written, though it is a version that can be considered finished.) You can see art about the story in my gallery, which is mostly what it is all about, though the story is presented slightly differently here (I will give some more info about that in my profile and/or descriptions a.s.a.p.)     Instead of writing a standard epic, I wrote it more like a fairy tale--in order, rather than in media res--though I use other standard epic techniques that I consider major, such as a vast setting (that I did maps of I could upload, but want to make it a magical parallel Earth,) invoking a muse (a few times, actually, because the story is large with several parts,) statement of the theme, divine intervention, tragedy.     The chapter about the divine republics will probably bore most people, so I would not recommend reading it if too long: besides mythic setting I consider fun but unimportant (since I changed it a few times,) that chapter mainly serves to describe two main characters, the elves Darwin, Marian, as formerly royal, but then 'philosopher-royal.'     If I told this story as prose or blank verse (which I plan to, or a new version,) it would be at least one novel and novella. If you are interested in more of the story, or other stories in the setting (which I have written,) feel free to ask in the comment sections  here or my gallery.     If you know me in person and play role-playing games (RPGs,) consider not reading this epyllion, because it will reveal much of the RPG story, though I wrote a large RPG story before this, which I could use instead... actually, this poem does not reveal the in-depth strategic details, so if you are ok with just the entire general plot revealed, read on. Though sometimes the epyllion gets into detail, much of the time I leave much to the imagination, so, in the fashion of an RPG one plays a character in (many of my friends have gone through some/all the first quest that comes after the myth, prophecy, legend parts,) you can envision the story however you want: characters mentioned are not all the ones that have (or even should) be considered being in the story, such as it mentioning dwarves, but only one specific dwarf, when there is actually another in the non-poem version I have not mentioned, because he is sort of one of the minor characters (I want him to be more of a major character,) most of whom I do not mention (though the dwarf is in one drawing I did (and of course there are many  important dwarves in actions on the side of the protagonists)... again, if anyone wants to more details or stories, just ask.     The Epyllion is called an elven one, but of course dwarves originate in the Teutonic European mythology, and they are arguably the original 'dark elves,' since they live in Svartalfheim (Dark Elfhome) under the Earth, (though the Eddas may leave details of dark elves up to the imagination.)     Somehow, in my final several days/weeks of focusing finishing this and writing many more pages, I left out of the story that the prisoners were found and became protagonists who participated throughout a large part of the story, so this needs a little revision... but remember this note, and you can imagine the story in more accurate detail.     This version has a place where it looks like there are strange characters, which were dashes in the HTML where I forgot to use the special code for dash.

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