Dee Jay

HIYA!!! ^__________^ WELCOME!! Glad ya came to visit my little dying patch of the woods! Well... it's been 3 years since I updated this... joined when I was 'bout 11. I'm 14 now... my birthday just passed... and this year later I'm in high school. I really wish that I could draw something other than anime... it started out fun, I made a manga, everyone loved it and all... but now I wanna draw realism... it's just so much more expressive. But I can't!! Anime has taken over me!! Someday... >. LAST UPDATE! Well, hi again... I've drawn more realism. I drew a cat! I'm so happy! Well, I put up some more pictures. I've really been improving my art! 8D All this looks like crap compared to my new stuff. Too bad for you, I'm so lazy. -.- I will, though!