Dona Nora

Welcome traveller, you that have wandered here in my part of woods...  I hope you feel comfortable. Yeah, I know it's a bit wet and dark and mossy, but don't worry: the fireflies and whisps will come soon and luminescent fungi will glow through the night. Since I can remember the world had more than one reality for me. It really depends on how you decide to perceive it. Since the 1992 when I was born, I managed to successfully graduate from four year visual art school, passed the visual university entrance examination but eventually decided to study English literature and art history to satisfy my thirst for knowledge of early civilisation and evolution of human mind. I usually draw, paint and write scenes that are connected with flashes in my head. Most times I fail to draw it just the way I saw it and leave the piece in the corner until l forget how exactly it should have looked like and then finish it in whatever manner I find fit. pathetic.. Where's chocolate? I love talking to other artists =D (and writers) so please leave a comment good or bad, just write your opinion. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Thx for stopping by and DO NOT BE AFRAID OF BEEING CRAZY, COUSE BEING NORMAL IS JUST NUTS!!!! And being considered mad in a crazy society is the ultimate proof of sanity =D