Jessica McCollam

I am slightly neurotic, and I believe that is why I am able to write. I am inspired by everything around me: songs lyrics, the rain outside, my friends. I write most of my stories for my friends, even if they don't know it. I never seem to happy with my stories (especially the ones that write themselves against my will) and greatly appreciate the comments of people I don't know. Atleast I know you aren't just saying things to make me happy. I hope you all enjoy my work, off I go to stuggle with yet another renagade tale. May 14, 2003- I have finally made an update, in goddess knows how long. I hope you like it, and it looks like there will be many more updates in the near future, I am back.

Assassins Guild

What do you do with your time when you already read all the books, been to all the big social functions, are aren't human anymore.


Trauma and stress can change even the solidest of souls.

Night's Betryal

There is always something about your first love that you will never forget, even if you aren't quite human.

The Return

Why is that bad things are followed by even worse things?

Baby Advice

A story inspired by one of Becky Gerdel's pictures.

Red Sheets

An action story...a little differnt than my usual stuff.

Rising Star

Maybe you can escape hell, if you always believe.

A Lover

Ryan's entrance...and Gabrielle's second love.

Roses & Thorns

This story seems to hate me, I couldn't get it to come out just right. I would love all suggestions even from those of you who hate it.

Family Tree

Sometimes you go searching for something and find something that you never expected.

First Hunt

This is a revised edition. I tried to change some of the language. And Remy is not important, he's just meat.

Cute Puppy

Betrayal, Envy, Lust..all Rebbecca

The Journey

There comes a time in which we must look back at the past and realize that we walked away from a perfect life.


Can't she ever be happy?

The Pack

Is it always a good thing to be Daddy's Little Girl?

Fallen Star

I have a friend who always begged me to put her into a story, so here she is..well here is what she once was.

First Love

Sometimes you meet someone who you can never forget..even with chains in the way.

Dual Demons

The return of someone special, that I think you will all enjoy especially since he is staying around for a while.


This is a continuation of the last two chapters...i love when some of the chapters actually fit together, its so nifty.

Dragon Creek

By the suggestion of a reader I tried to explain what happened to Kira to make her run from her home.


This is for you Ghost, you wanted more so here is more. And always remember don't take the children.

Childhood Memories

This is Gabrielle as a small child and her own birthday party. You can guess at who the dark lady is at the end..just remeber it is night time.

The Fallen

This is a revisied edition of the orginial Fallen, it's got a couple more details and I fixed some of the typos.