NEWS: 08/25/05 Dear sweet mother of pearl has it really been two years since I've done anything here? yeesh...right now there is nothing new to post I'll see about putting some new stuff up soon. o_O good lord where did the time go? Bio: Name: it's obvious Age: 20 Height: 5'6' 3/4 Weight: Ha you think I'm going to tell you!? Eyes: blue: light blue Hair: strawberry blonde leaning more twords red Hobbies/Intrests: drawing, rpging, playing on the computer, working crew for shows, anime, musicals, cats, dogs, just about any animal, and lots of other much to list. Talents/Skills: drawing, painting, acting. Stop listening to me ramble look at my pictures! Enjoy! P.S: YES PEOPLE ARE INTITLED TO THEIR OPINION BUT PLEASE IF SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE PICTURE THAT YOU FEEL I COULD FIX PEASE LEAVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM (HELPFULL SUGGESTIONS) NOT RUDE COMMENTS.