Hmm, writers block stinks.  It truly does.  I've written the beginning of many a thing.   If I didn't have to go to a job maybe I would finish a book or two.  One writing project I have finished is a children's faerie tale.  I've even sent query letters to several agents.  But they didn't even want to read it.  Maybe some day...If you want to know more about me, check out my SciFi Fantasy Art page. Favourite books Illusions (Paula Volsky), Southern Vampire Series (Charlaine Harris), Hero Series (Moira J Moore), Bridge of D'Arnath Series (Carol Berg), Truth Series (Dawn Cook), Mercy Thompson Series (Patricia Briggs) and any thing else by Patricia Briggs

Perwinkle's Misadventures

Periwinkle, a mischievous sprite, gets lost on her journey to the Mirth Hold Fair.  She wallows in the mud, a squirrel steals from her and of course Periwinkle saves the day.