Deborah 'Mintaka' Peal

Mythology is a favorite of mine, and I adore mythical creatures and the fantastic. I'm often up to 'no good' creating new and facinating ideas and takes on things. Web design, writing, drawing... all the creative things appeal to me. I've been drawing intermittently for years, and only lately have taken it with any seriousness. My style varies and fluctuates, and my prefered media is Painter 7. I play many video games, and dabble in reading, though I have no preferred authors. Music-wise I am a huge fan of both Styx and of the Canadian band The Tea Party, as well as listening to a lot of other things musically form game and anime OST/songs to classical music to plenty of classic rock and some modren things . Currently trying to work on my project, Crystara . I am hoping for some form of graphic novel, since i'd like to share my visions of it as well as tell a story. There is not much else to say, no? If you truly desire more info, try my homepage & the link on it.