Alexandru Moisi

in college so he needs time to respond but he always does ;) and ususlly returns comments.Here are the links to some of my favourite writers here at Elfwood, they are all really good writers, at least one MC and great stories, ALL of them ae a must read:Some great funny stories. The force is strong in this one many Moderator choices for this one I predict. Sean DailyPatricia M. D'Angelo Great author and he actually earns a living out of writting. Read cheese runners, it's worth it Chris A. JacksonHave a muffin :) Alice "Muffin Girl" SmithDoes "the father of Project Herscher" sound like something cool or what? James K. BowersGreat editor and a good writter what more could you ask for? Deborah J. Smith Another very nice editor that had the pacience to corect my works, Go Shanra L. Shanra Kuepersand I think there are many more out there I have forgot about ...


A story about dragons but mostly about choice and free will. Part of the wonderful Herscher project

Of devils and demons

This is more of a philosophical monologue about the reasoning of devils and why they do the things they do.

Nona Mordica

A short story about love from the point of view of a vampire. It is more of an interior monologue with a little twist at the end.

The Gipsy from Catalan

This short story is meant to sound like a myth about an old witch from Catalan. The main character is in love with a girl he can never have so he askes the witch to help him with a potion. She gives him a list of all the plants she needs and sends him off to find them.

Ork war cry

This is one of my attempts to write poetry. It is meant to feel earthy, tribal. It speaks of the oral tradition, the strength and pride of the orks, a race often overlooked and considered ugly.

The Last Battle

This is a story about an old hero in a changing world that becomes more industrialized. He is an outcast and pushed out of society but he cannot deny his true nature, that of a hero.

The Stadium

This is inspired by some D&D game. I experimented a new writing tehnique so it might be a little confusing. I also try to explain what magic is and have an unexpected twist at the end.