Hello. My name is Cyndi. *waves* Welcome to my gallery... umm.. what to say? I'm going to describe myself, I guess... nothing else to do, is there? ^.^ I'm 15, and I have some very strange hobbies. I really like all kinds of art, visual, performing, and musical. I've been drawing since I was 2 or 3 years old, where I would sit down at a plastic picnic table for hours at a time, with a stack of blank paper and a tin full of crayons. Happy, happy times. I have another love, nowadays. Music. I love to sing, and I write my own songs, as well as spend a great deal of time coming up with song snippets on my keyboard. I've also liked to write for a long time, and I'm currently working on a book. It's slow going, but then again, when do I ever actually have time? Yeah, thought so. I also climb trees, hike, swim in creeks, sing in front of the mirror, and watch little kid movies. (I hate horror, btw, and Lion King is the best ever) I love to roleplay, and I am ALWAYS open for new friends, or even commissions/art trades.I try to update my gallery often, and it helps that I've been drawing like crazy lately. Dont' know how well I do, now that school's burying me alive, though. Feel free to drop me a line at any time of day or night, either over AIM, or at my Email (firebird10@gmail.com) And hey... while you're at it, you can go bug me at me Neopets account, firebird1050. I'm always up for a good RP, and hey.. I just like talking to people ^.^