Nichole Fredley

GREETINGS ALL!!! -now what do I say?-OH! This is my fist time as a member to elfwood. I've wanted to be on here for a while but I waited until I thought my art had improved enough. Now it's good enough for me, so I hope it's good enough for all of you out there. (if not, too bad =_=)So, the things I love to do... drawing, obviously, but writing too. I'm not going to post any of my writing here because someday I'll get my work published :) *crosses fingers*My art has changed a lot over the  years. Life does that i guess. I went from drawing nothing but emotion pictures to pictures with hidden meanings and stories behind them. It's much more fun to do that anyway. Live and live and learn and then live some more...Happy life=happy personsBut enough about that. DRAGONS RULE! (random comment) Even though I have a hard time getting the anatomy right, I still try to draw them. Bear with me if the dragons are a little messed up. I'll go back and fix them once I've had more practice. That goes for backgrounds too.  I like I love anime (duh), outer space, inner space ;), dragons, lemons, photoshop, and being happy Favourite movies fullmetal alchemist is my favorite anime. I watch cartoons a lot because I really want to be an animator. It inspires. Favourite books Artimis Fowl, the Bartimaeus Trilogy, and Pendragon. Fablehaven, and anything by Suzanne Collins! Favourite music a bit of everything, I think