Celeste Rigelhof

 Well, I'll start here, I'm 13 years of age at the time and I love to draw. I have come upon this site by searching images, and I just this this place is amazing! ans I reccomend this site to every fantasy artist, writer and scifi too. you will fall in love!^^  Anyway, I have two sisters and a mom at home, I do not live with my dad... anyway, our family has a cute pet albino rabbit named poppy, I love her, but I want a cat like crazy!!! I'm in the middle age wise (compared to my sosters^^) lolI've been drawing all my life and look forward in being a great artist in the future. I'm constantly scribbling down things. I don't have new stuff yet (been a while...) but my scanner's out so that's why. :C anyway, hope to get it back up soon and upload!! my newer pics are better, we'll, they are newer^^.  If you see my pic up there, she's my dragon avatar, Saphira. she is a brown beige coloured dragon with blue eye's, that's where she got her name from. she can transfrom into any animal, and when she transforms she keeps her colours( ^^ kinda like beastboy) and can bend water, and ice, and bretes fire as an average drag does^^. please note, she's also copyright too her owner, me. lolz.I do art request and art trades, but I want to know them well first, sorry, but I don't just draw for ANYONE. I also don't really enjoy woot comments and stuff, little much. I reply too all my comments if I can, and I kinda don't like those T.T  I'm off to highschool after this summer, I'm very excited!! (I don't want to specify where on the internet) I'll just say, I'm moveing rom a small small school, to a big one!! I can't wait. I'm moving too, into Bomanville, It's great there!!! (nicer then oshawa anyway...) I'll miss friends, but we can always keep in touch! n_n  anyway, that's a little about me, maybe I'll add more stuff on later, but for now, that's all so         tata, Celeste~ I like draw art, skecth, be creative, meet people, dragons, fantasy, water mellon x3, hmm...?