Escaping The Darkness

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Michelle Trumpet

Once upon a time, there was a brother and sister that like to play in the forest outside their home. Their parents had always warned them not to play in the forest after sunset because the spirits that lived there would capture them, however the brother didn't believe them, and one day decided to stay out late to see if  it was true. His sister, who always accompanied him, was afraid, and begged him to go back home with her, but somehow he reassured her that there was nothing to fear, and the two stayed in the forest. They watched the last rays of sunlight disappear from the sky, and to their relief nothing happened. After laughing to themselves, confidant that their parents were wrong, they went home.    As they started walking they noticed that the forest looked different. They no longer saw their home in the distance, but instead saw giant trees and bushes. The forest had changed completely, and they were now surrounded by darkness. Luckily there was moonlight, but the sister was now in a panic, and she tugged at her brother to go back in the direction they came from. Without hesitating the brother followed, but as he began walking he happened to look over his shoulder, and to his surprise he saw shadows appearing from the ground. He screamed, and ran away from them, pulling his sister with him.     The shadows pursued the brother and sister, steadily gaining on them. The two could do nothing more than run in terror, but suddenly in the distance they could see a part of the forest that was familiar to them. It was up a cliff. When they reached the cliff they hastily looked for a way up. They climbed on giant mushrooms growing around the cliff, but as they did some of the mushrooms broke, trapping the brother with the shadows. The shadows were now only a short distance from the brother, and the sister was frantically looking around for something to help him up. Tears began to well in her eyes as she looked helplessly at her brother. The brother also wanted to cry, but suddenly remembered that he had packed a rope in the backpack he wore. He pulled it out, threw the backpack up to his sister, and proceeded to launch the rope to her. He looked back one more time to see where the shadows were. They were upon him!     The brother felt cold, as if his life were about to end, but suddenly he felt their deadly presence recede, and he saw a light. It was the Sun, and the shadows were shrinking away from it. As the brother regained his wits, he hurled the rope up to his sister, and she pulled him up. Reunited at last, he grabbed his backpack and the rope, and ran off with his sister to the safety of their home, never to disobey their parents again.

Published More than a year ago

Category Horror

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