Anna Hogsett

Alot has changed since i was here last. one i got married to a wonderfully loving and supportive man and had a beautiful baby girl. i still do the fantasy art thing and on rare occasions i do the futuristic robot and technology thing. right now i stay at home and take care of my family and when i have the time i draw, draw, draw. sometimes i write too. I never finished my Ledgend of Annekeh story, and i probably won't. alot of the details were based on past things in my life that no longer interest me. like names of main characters based on ex-boyfriends and stuff like that. Now i'm working on a new character story, Onyxia (just Onyxia). Hope you all like my new and improved anime style. I like RPGs, Dragonlance Novels, art on, guitar music, kender Favourite movies dunno. since i had a kid, i only watch nickelodeon. Favourite books Anything Dragonlance, from Wizards of the Coast. Favourite music Anything...depends on my mood