Trick and Treat

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Anna Hogsett

My piece entered for the Halloween Contest 2009!Ok, so,What is the scariest thing on Krynn? Dragons? Malys was pretty scary. Takhissis? Nah. Not really.   Mirshaka, on her way back to town after quietly raiding the local bandit camp, decided it was finally safe enough to admire her haul.  "The townspeople should give a hefty sum for these lovely treasures returned," she said to herself as she admired a nicely crafted saphire pendant.  Just then, she heard quiet footsteps. Two pair. One behind her, the other in front. How could they have known she was there? She KNEW that she wasn't noticed by the guards. Who could be follwing her? And how could one have sneaked past her to cut her off?  She slowed her pace and concentrated on her surroundings. Before she could put her trinkets away, she was attacked!  "TRICK AND TREAT!" That was all she could make out of their inaudiable banter. She was horrified at the sight of the creaturs. So tiny. So terribly cute. Jumping and shouting what sounded to her like question after question after exclaimation after question, were a couple of horribly adorable Kender dressed in costumes.  They were acting so strangely. One, the Witch of the Purple Robes, was holding out her bag expectantly to Mirshaka. Her large blue eyes, compelling Mirshaka to back away, begged for treasures. The other, a dashing demon prince covered in what she hoped was fake blood, was catching the little trinkets she had dropped in fright of the horrid creatures. Never before had she seen Kender ask for treasures.  So frightened, all she could do was tremble and hold on tightly to the saphire pendant. Never before had she been so terrified. This was much, MUCH, worse than being caught by the guards at the bandit camp. This picture was done with Corel Painter Essentials 2. The background was done with the oil and acryilic paints and airbrush simulators. The characters were done with the pencil simulator. All drawn from scratch. I love my new Art Tablet.

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