Aurora Mari the below profile is really, really, old, just like most of this art on here. BUT, I'm keeping it up, just because it's kinda like talking to a younger version of me. (Wait...that's exactly what it is...right?)  Hi! I'm Dragonluster and welcome to my gallery! Held within these vast halls is and ever-growing collection. So take some time and witnesses the glory of a unicorn, the defiance of a dragon, feel the rush of wind from a wyvern's wing, feel the flow of magic contained here. Enough with that. Fantasy is my life. I love video games, especially RPGs and adventure games like The Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun. I really started drawing in 6th grade, and all I ever drew was dragons. (Most of which I drew on index cards with blue erasable pen ink and gave away to my friends.) The next year I started drawing characters and fanart, and right now I'm obsessed with unicorns and kirin and such. I usually draw in anime style for my characters, and I'm also working on some mangas. I'm a self-taught artist (can you tell?) but I hope to take some art classes in a year or two. (Particulary on shading and coloring...hehehehe.....) So far, most of my stuff is down with pencil (and by pencil I mean the free kind advertising some radio station on it) on computer paper, and usually colored with colored pencil. Time for a... *MUCH NEEDED UPDATE*! Here it is...summer 2005...and what have I to show for it?! Sure, my first year at high school was great and now my head is filled with 'knowledge' (Don't get me wrong, personally I could spend many, many livetimes just learning...however I would be teaching myself things like programming, physics, languages, etc., and of course...ART!, certainly a pursuit worth many livetimes in itself.) But, as I went on to explore the topics mentioned above, I ran smack into my good old friend Time, who sweetly imformed me that 'We all cannot do everything.' (Hm. I might have picked that up from Latin studies...)Anyway, my reply to that is 'Well, we sure as hell can try!', all the while knowing that what he spoke is true. What I'm getting at is that I need to dust off my pencil, rekindle that creative portion of my brain, (Hello? *knocks on forehead* You still in there?)and experience that feeling only art can bring me. So here and now, I solenly swear, to hone the artist within me and bring more fantasy to my page here at Elfwood! (Don't forget to leave a comment! I would greatly appriatiate it. :) I like Life in general. And specific. Favourite movies I find most TV shows to be akin to worm food, that is, absolute rubbish. But I do enjoy me some Simpson's on occasion. ^__^ Favourite books Of late, mainly sci-fi short stories. Favourite music Mostly anything...minus country and rap. In no particular order...The Long Winters, The Flaming Lips, Yes, The Beatles, Blitzen Trapper, Gorillaz, The Postal Service, Iron and Wine, Coldplay, Radiohead, Barenaked Ladies, System of a Down, Daft Punk, Jack Johnson, Klaxons, Sufjan Stevens, Aqualung, Axe Riverboy, Jethro Tull, Imogen Heap, Jose Gonzalez, Regina Spektor, Train, Prize Fighter Inferno, Zero 7, Dave Matthews Band, Blind Melon, The Decemberists, The Fiery Furnaces, Spoon, Yeasayer...and loads more.