Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

I love to read, write, and draw. I write and draw fantasy and sometimes sci-fi. I read fantasy/sci-fi/horror mainly, and never anything else(except when i'm forced to by school, bah). I was born New Years of 1989.I surround myself with drastically dramatic lunatics and artists. umm...I enjoy watching Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin (over and over), The Simpsons, Fushigi Yuugi (extraordinarily surprising), Family Guy, Futurama, and a few other cartoons/animes. speaking of anime, I've recently (or not so recently, depends on when you're lookin at this) become extremely drawn into, an online anime roleplaying community. It's scary, I've spent more time on there than i ever did on neopets. yeah, so anyways... i am going to high school. bah. lesse..what else...oh yes...I am highly interested in anything paranormal, and i sometimes despise aliens, but um...that would be despising a long line of my ancestors, so i cant do that without being scorched. i need to employ some droids to help me...hmmm...atleast i've got rabb(a bunny), ejj(a spider monkey), and eddie(a calico cat) to send their evil minions..yes...well, that's all. And feel free to comment. Or i'll send some minions after you. MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 2

Sheri finds out Johann has the same power, Waneta changes shape, Sheri plans to lead Crescent Day ceremony

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 1

Johann begins to question Sheri of her whereabouts, Sheri reveals her new power to Waneta.

The Fairy Queen

A young girl finds the ruler of the fairies trapped in a chest in her attic...