Karolina DragonSnail' Sefyrin

Ok so I had to do a few changes and move some of the art from my Elfwood gallery to fan quarters. Here you will find mainly Everquest related art, and 99% of the pictures in this gallery are comissioned character portraits. So if you know anything about Everquest, you know that the 'darkelves' are not the same as a 'drow', 'trolls' are not the clumsy heap of meat they are usually depicted as and that most characters are spellcasters in one way or another. And if you dont know anything about Everquest... you can still enjoy the pictures as they are. =) Yes, I do take comissions - if you are interested, take a look at my homepage, www.dragonsnail.com. No, I dont take requests, for the simple reason the comissions take all my time. Im sorry, but if I ever happen to have any free time to spare, I have projects of my own that I really need to work on, so there wont be any extra time for anyone wanting me to make this or that picture just cause they think it would look cool. The art is my means of living, and I need to put food on the table, just like everyone else! ~_^