Hello, and thanks for stopping by. First and foremost, please forgive my English for it is not my native tongue.Yes, Dragos is my real name, and it is a pretty common name in Romania :).. Started drawing at the age of 21.. about ten years ago when I realised computer programming was not all I wanted to do. From that time I've been working in the computer development industry, first as a texture artist, then textures and some concept art, then FX artist, technical artist and further onto management positions that really take you away from the creative side of things.Since recently I've been growing more and more disilusioned about what can be achieved in this field from a creative standpoint when working for a big publisher as an idependent studio from Eastern Europe... I find myself more and more looking back at the years when I cared less about paying the bills and more about simply geting lost in creating characters and places for others to see or illustrating bits of stories. That is an important part of me and I refuse to let it dim out and die. I have to snap back into shape and keep drawing.Many of the works here are paid commissions, please do not take and use any of them. Mail me and we shall talk about it. I no longer have an e-mail listed due to web spiders that gather e-mail addresses for spam, but post a comment and it will be forwarded to my mail address. April 13 update: I need to draw from life more. And to learn to be more patient with details.... Update has been moderated! :D new pics! :D >.>. Fanart ID is http://www.elfwood.com/~dragosfan I like Art, communication, games development. Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and many many others:) Favourite books The Lord Of the Rings, Dune and many many others also. Favourite music Varies on mood. Some days celtic bagpipes, others Rammstein :D