Leonard Kim

I'm a troubled little boy in a pretty, pretty body. I'm an empathetic narcissist, or something along that vein.


My New Jack

 The idea for this got stuck in my head, so I ended up writing it on my phone while eating lunch.

Adinor's Loss

A lover's rage flares...and the grief never dies.

Traveler Chapter 3 - On My Way

The traveler faces a disturbing creature, and the darker side of people.

Traveler Chapter 4 - Desperation

The traveler joins a ragged band of survivors in an old manor, surrounded by humanoid cannibals.

Traveler Chapter 2 - Going Home

The second tale of the traveler, where he works through what obligations are thrust upon him.

Rage of a Cualani

A short I wrote quickly, just to get it all down. I don't know if I'll continue this line, but am considering other stories for the setting.

Gift of Night

In dying, life.

Breach - Prologue

A quick little introduction to a sci-fi story I may continue

Traveler Chapter 1 - Same Old Game

A man wanders, yet trouble always finds him. The first of a series of shorts.

Traveler Chapter 5 - Yellow Rabbits

The traveler has become entangled with an Eccarian Scholar, and is being forced to commit murder.