I have a huge interest in fantasy literature and artwork. I have been writing and creating worlds of fantasy for over 15 years. If I publish at least one book I can move beyond this life fullfilled.I was born in Amarillo, Texas, but have lived in California since I was 4 years old. I moved around alot, from Little Rock to Fontana, to Riverside, Redlands and Loma Linda. I then moved to San Marcos and finnaly to Escondido in North County San Diego.I graduated in 2000 from Escondido High School and moved out with friends when I was 18. I applied for a job at Shield Security and have worked as a Security Professional for 12 years.I settled down and had my beautiful daughter Destiny Lynn Peak. She is my pride and joy.This year I am continuing classes at Palomar College for Englsih Composition and Creative Writing to further my skills. I like Writing, reading, music, elves, dragons, fantasy, comics, artwork, scifi Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Narnia, Dragonheart, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lodoss War, Moribito, Firefly Favourite books Dragonlance, Legend of Drizzt, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Demonwars, Dragonriders of Pern, Sword of Shannara, Dragonships, Darksword, Soverign Stone, Rose of the Prophet Favourite music Dream Theater, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls, Live

Elfsong Part 24

As Mathius takes on Hagan for the fate of Linsharra, Fayn and her companions must deal with the staggering revelations about the true nature of the mysterious power she now wields, but is the burden too much to bear?

Elfsong Part 23

Fayn's actions have brought her under the knife of Ohgra the Merciless, a powerful orc king. How will she be able to escape with her life when all odds are stacked against her? Half a world away Queen Linsharra has been targeted for assassination and if Mayra can't get to her in time it may mean the beginning of a renewed war with the dark elves.

Elfsong Part 22

Fayn has surrended to the orcs to seek recompense for the death of thier god-lord Uraug the Mighty. Her plan hinges on the cooperation of her companions. One misstep could mean thier very lives, while in Vindros the intrigue heats up as Hagan's rebellious plans come to light.

Elfsong Part 21

Fayn meets suprising new allies during her trek accross the desert sands of Lartannas. Both parties seek the orc tribes for wholly different reasons, but what happens when thier conflicting interests collide? Back in Vindros two dark elves have a collison of thier own, as the blade warrior Viona clashes with the monk Irina, quite literally to the death!

Elfsong Part 20

Ever hear the one about an elf in the desert? Fayn and Daryn find themselves in Lartannas seeking out the orcs, but they didn't expect the desert to be so harsh a place, nor the dangers that lurk there. Meanwhile back in Vindros a secret council forms, settting the stage for a rebellion that may shatter the uneasy peace.

Baptism of Fire Part 1

The actions of one man shall set the wheels of destiny in motion, as the trading town of Naraholme becomes the stage for a baptism of fire, linking seven strangers against a growing evil seeking out an ancient power. Enter Lance Rykar, hoping to one day become a royal knight in the Acadian Militia. He will discover truths about himself he never realized, and embark on a quest that will span a land filled with magic and mystery in search of the legendary Soulstones.

Elfsong Part 19

The Saga of Elfsong continues! Following the world altering events of Requiem, Fayn and Daryn find themselves at a crossroads in thier tumultous lives that will propel them on an all new journey. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of war, both light and dark elf races struggle to deal with one another now that they must share a home. But the flames of hate are not so easily extinguished.

Syrus: Survivors

In a cold inhospitable landscape the only survivor of a once prosperous tribe struggles to claim her place in the Valley of Whispering Souls. Her only obstacle aside from the harsh enviroment is the Zeara, a mythical and massive white tiger known by her people as the white death. This is the stotry of Syrus, and her battle against fate and nature in order to simply survive!

Elfsong: The Dawn Rose

Mari stars in this short story in which the lovable rainbow faerie is faced with the task of fixng a problem she inadvertenly casues that may halt the union of her two best friends Fayn and Daryn.Note: This story takes place directly following the events of Elfsong Part 18 and will contain mild spoilers to that story, however it can be read all on its own as well.Enjoy!

Elfsong Part 13

Fayn returns to Vindros in order to stop the two armies from engaing each other in battle, as the Concert begins!

Elfsong Part 10

Fayn, Daryn, and Mari enter the Dark Elf city of Haven, and discover a startling revelation about Eliyas...

Frozen Soul

This is my entry for the Reverse Illistration Contest. The story is based on the artwork:  "Frozen Soul Colour" by Richard Yang.

The Drakeon Chronicles: Origin

This is a short opening peice for a character that I have had in my head for quite a while. My initial shot at first person narrative...

Elfsong Part 5

The prophecy is revealed as Fayn learns the shocking truth of her past...

Elfsong Part 3

Fayn has a secret rendezvous with Daryn at the waterfall...

Elfsong Part 2

Fayn's story continues as she begins to discover a secret conspiracy hidden by the leaders of her race, one that will change everything she has ever believed in...

Elfsong Part 1

This is the story of Fayn, a blue-haired elf in a world where magic is harnessed through song, and a conspiracy within her species threatens to unravel the sacred truths of history.