Mark Pegley

Who am I? Hmm, good question. I'm still figuring that out. Well right now I'm a customer service rep in Ireland. I think I've always liked drawing and art type stuff. As soon as I could pick up a crayon I was drawing on the walls. I was always trying something a bit different than everyone else when we would do art in school. I would also draw at home(on paper as well) as well as carvings, paintings, modelling clay, lead moulds, metal sculptures pretty much anything I could get my hands on. In school I would fill in copy books and A4 refill pads with pictures. Yes, it's true, I drew on lined paper. Funny enough I never picked art or tech drawing as a subject when I attended secondary school(high school) or even when I went college. So why do I still do art now? To be honest I don't really know. What I like about it is it takes time. Why is that good? It's good because focusing on one thing helps me relax. I also like the Idea that you can loose yourself to your imagination for hours, I sometimes even put off eating until I finish a picture. Which, if you new me is a big deal(I likes my food). What inspires me? I was inspired by artists on and Elfwood itself.