Grant Major

Well something about me hmmmm... i hate the tough questions :)well i have been drawing on and off since i was 14 i'm now 27 unfortunatly i am not a professional artist i wish i was cause i love to draw, i am self taught the only classes i have ever done are the ones i was forced to do in my first year of high school.Most of my drawings are in my sketchbook and i need to scan them in if i ever get round to it looking back at all of them from my younger years its like looking at a time line of the progression of my drawings which in a way is cool but so many of them i look at and think thats terrible lol.... i think i am my biggest critic. Recently i have been using my drawing tablet and finally experimenting with colour in photoshop which i was never any good with and all my friends keep telling me my drawings are realy good so i thought i would upload some of them onto here and see what everyone thinks ...gulp... i hope people like the few i have done i will endevour to do more and upload themsorry for rambling on i normally dont put anything into bios and this time i got carried away ;p I like well drawing for one and also martial arts particuarly mauy thai kickboxing oh and watching movies and cartoons lol Favourite movies way to many to list all of them but a couple are pirates of the caribbean, batman begins and dark knight, meet joe black and the merlin tv series and pretty much everything else in between, OMFG so sick of dam vampire movies Favourite books inheritance/Eragon series soooo much better than the movie, even the harry potter books but currently reading the night angle trilogy by Brent Weeks really good if u love assassins and stuff ;) Favourite music just about anything but really like the world of warcraft, LoTR and Harry Potter soundtracks especially while drawing