Diane Reed

Greetings all you lovers of fantasy and fiction!  This is the place I come to share my poems and stories! I hope you like them. I like Poetry has been my passion since I was a child. I also write a story now and then for my grandchildren. I have studied Art and I am facinated with the computer! Favourite movies Favorite fantasy Movie! Ha! I love them all! I would have to say that "Interview with a Vampire" is one of my favorites! "Ghostwhisper" continues to be one of my favorite TV shows. Favourite books Dragons of Winter Night, Dreamstone, The Tree of Swords and Jewels, All of the Harry Potter Stories Favourite music I like variety of music!

The Elf and the Magic Garden

A short story in verse about a magical garden and an elf!

I Am The Elf

The musings of an Elf. A story in verse, a poem, no less!

A Dragon's Tale

This is a story, written in verse, about a creature who is part man and part dragon!

The Legend of the Cattails -part II

Now the scene is set and the story unfolds!

The Legend of the Cattails -part IV

The saga of Coriander continues!

The Cat and the Elf

A whimsical poem!

The Legend of the Cattails -part III

The saga of Coriander continues and the plot thickens!

Ode to a Dragon

A short story, in verse, contemplating the awesomeness of dragons. Thanks to some of your feedback, I have added a verse to the original verson. I hope you like it! Feedback is always helpful!

The Legend of the Cattails -part I

This is the saga of Coriander, the should be prince of Catmania, and his adventures!