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Well, this is a somewhat recurrent theme on my papers. I think it's spiffy. Other people start wondering about repressed hostility and edge away nervously. Wimps. :P This is, I admit, a somewhat sloppy coloring. It's also on the small side, so that might be hard to see. It is also, I admit, a rather lazy background. Unfortunatly, a bone dagger impaled in a thin block of granite is a hard thing to find a background for. I think a firey orb/sphere/ void/ thingie works rather well in this instance. :) Hm. There's another badly colored picture known as fangdagger elsewhere in my gallery that shows a weapon of the same type as this. I've got a few more details about the dagger there, although... they're a bit confused. The faint symbols in the bottom right corner are in my own handwriting (gasp) although a bit neater than usual. Three letters which, when converted to my own unique brand of english phonetic, spell 'rayj'. It was spelled with a g for a while until I realized that it would make it a hard sound, and thus make it a totally different word, one which does not exist in english. As far as I know. :) pencil, photoshop 7

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This is the shortest bit. Now I've got to write up the screenplay I did from Koh Kah'ehv's viewpoint (difficult in a screenplay) and finish writing the section for the second half of the story. Fun!

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Tabatha, Part 2 - Return. In which the Cats, having discovered paradise, return home to tell their pride, and discover a nasty surprise. Well, that wasn't a complete spoiler. In any case, I might have mentioned somewhere else that I wrote this for my Senior Project. Not only did I write it, but I illustrated it and bound it in a book. Oh! Illustrations! I've got to put those up in my other gallery! Thanks for reminding me.

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This is a fragment of the Starfire War that I wrote down so I wouldn't forget about it. This might get put into the story when I get to that part, it'll probably change a bit, and there's a faint chance that it won't make it at all. I wasn't entirely sure who was talking in the beginning, so I just used a pronoun before I decided that it's Shara. VonVon is a nickname for Vonderwyn, the main character of a cautionary/explanatory story. I wasn't sure how to handle the Lanar and Shara roleplaying different people (Brandle and Vonder). If anyone reads this (I'm starting to get a bit worried) let me know how it worked out. Please?

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