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mmmmm... yes... A while ago my Mom gave me a book, about how to write science fiction and fanstasy. She told me that I should answer the questions in the book, not just skip past them. So I didn't skip past the questions... and thus, didn't read the book. A little while ago, I found the book again, and this time answered the questions. I wish I'd done that when I was still writing Tabatha. In the book are questions that you should ask when creating races. I did that for the Kreesha, and discovered a third race of large animals in Malica. The Kreesha are native to Malica. The cats are not. There are a race of large, rabbit like critters, which act as the large prey beasts. This is one. They're large, about the size of a small pony (big for a desert wasteland), and travel in giant herds, eating everything in their path. When they travel near Kreesha, (or cats) the kreesha (and cats) decend upon them and slaughter at least half of the herd. But don't worry, because these giant rabbits breed like... well... rabbits. It's a good thing they get killed a lot, otherwise they'd eat everything in the desert. I finally found a name for them! yay! Thank you everyone who suggested names for me. :) Mechanical pencil, text added in Photoshop.

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