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Time This is Time. One of the three swirly people I drew. I admit, the isn't as swirly as the rest of them. Oh yes, Time also doubles as Death. The main quote (song lyric) that inspired me to draw this was from Rush... 'Laughed at by time' and of course, the rest of the line is 'Tricked by circumstances' which was the inspiration for the Trickster. I kinda feel sorry for Trickster. Time only doubles as Death. Trickster is also known as Circumstances (the origional title) as well as Life. That's three roles there. Anyway... I've been listening to Linkin Park a bit. Some of their songs are okay. The quote here (bottom left corner) is from their first song that I liked (As part of a Vash AMV. Who couldn't like it?), called In The End. Originally (right, I'll stop mangling that word now), there was a portal of fire infront of Time, and I got the bright idea to have it be in the swing of a watch. (s'okay... that didn't make sense to me either. I'd have to describe it with maybe a picture and lots of hand movements) While I was playing around with that, I hid the fire layer, and thought, 'Wow, that looks pretty neat on its own!' So I threw in a few more swinging watches and I think it looks pretty cool. :) And in the hourglass, we have a final Rush lyric. Life is a diamond we turn into dust... Extensive use of Painter textures here. The cape, the ground, the pants, the hair, the scythe. The watch I cut out from some magazine. Put a photoshop texture on it, so it looks broken. Re-uploaded. Brightened up the background a bit, took off the text. 'Laughed at by time...' 'Time is a valuable thing/Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings/Watch it count down to the end of the day/The clock ticks life away' 'Life is a diamond we turn into dust.' Pencil in Photoshop

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