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Claudia Melián Maksaev

 At last i finished something... the previous one is at… Was a little strange to finish her, 'cause i paint in a different way than i started her (i don't remember when exactly... years i guess...) so actually i repainted her a lot... i changed the hair, the hands concept.... And yes, she has weird hands xD (defformed ones, it must look like a spider or a bug or rare sdasdasdaff) Arrancagritos could be translated like "some one who makes you scream", but i think is more like "screamripper" or something, some one who takes the scream just from the bottom of your heart. She was excellent in the fine art of make the others wet their pants a lot xDDD "Sluagh (SLOO-ah): Thin, pale, with black hair and eyes, and smelling of death and decay in their fae miens, these Nightmare fae exist to strike fear into the hearts of wrongdoers, children in particular. They are able to escape from practically any bonds, other than cold iron, and can contort themselves into disquieting shapes. They have incredibly keen senses, and are able to see through illusions, and see unEmbodied wraiths, as well. They treasure broken and discarded things, and can be found living in sewers, crawlspaces or crumbling mansions. Generally solitary, rarely seen (unless they want to be), sluagh are insular and clannish to an extreme, have an unsettlingly polite demeanor, and an odd sense of etiquette. Despised as outcasts by the other kiths, the sluagh are often tolerated only for the knowledge and secrets that they so prize. They are unable to speak above a whisper, as whispers in the dark are more terrifying than a shout. A rumor exists that this Frailty may be due to an ancient curse upon their kith." She was a model for a bizarre fashion designer by day, and a beautyfull nightmare by night.... (she has a very romantic story with a weird eiluned guy...) I used some references, a wig, some anorexic girls (she looks very skin, 'cause she barely weights 40 kilos, please don't think "is perfect" or something, anorexia is a decease and ugly D:  ), and a lace image from google... and a texture for the upper part of the dress... At last somethin i finish, i can't believe it =_________=

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