Josh Earnest

I'll keep this short and simple so as to not waste your time. I like drawing(drow, FR, DnD, and Anime). I also write from time to time. I listen to Morbid Angel, Slipknot, KoRn, Sevendust, and basically any other metal band you can think of. Now that you've wasted your time looking at this, I'll leave you be. I leave you with a excerpt from the song 'Gently' by Slipknot. Gently, my mind escapes into the relaxing world of pleasure, a pleasure that'll take my mind off the reality of my life, my past life... life as I know it now. And whatever may come, it slowly disappears to somewhere in the back of my mind. It will remain there, until I wish to retrieve it. Yes, I will stay here for a while, for I need the break. A break from the pressures of life, and everything that lays in the palm of life's hands. This mode is incredible. It's out of this world. Too bad I must always leave it... ... but that's life.