Maureen Frykberg

Turning twenty two next month and am of the belief that I might never finish writing anything good.We shall just have to challenge that belief alot more. I like Reading, writing, cussing, baking, sleeping, drawing Favourite movies Dune, Interview with a Vampire, HP, LotR, Eureka, SG, SGA, STNG, Star Trek, Charmed, X-men, Chronicles of Riddick, Blade 1-3, Underworld, The Last Unicorn, Le Pacte de Loupes, Mists of Avalon, Merlin, Excalibur, Tangled, Dark Crystal, Willow, Beauty and The Beast, Sleeping Beauty Favourite books Dune, Vampire Chronicles, Dragons of Pern, Sevenrivers Trilogy, Magewinds, East, the Plucker, Wraeththu, Owlflight, Black Jewels trilogy, The Silver Wolf Favourite music Bond, Era, Kamelot, Nightwish, Gaelic Storm, Buck Tick, Florence and the Machines, Within Temptation, Stardust Soundtrack, Apocalyptica

Rules of the Quill

A beginning for something unknown and very much filled with magic.

Wolf Blood Chap. 1

The first encounter with living humans and Wolves. And the first taste of steel and bodily pain.

Lunge 2

Continuation of the alien, space ride with my dear alieanoid thing Jeanne. Name change and a bit of some interesting facts, nothing much.

Half a life in Wonderland

A little parody of Alice in wonderland, but backwards. What would have happened if we followed a black hare instead of the white rabbit?


I figured that since most of my writings were about fantastic creatures that rarely show themselves in broad daylight, I tried doing something that I never do. Outerspace called to me, as did the aliens...

Wolf Blood

The wolf poster on my bedroom wall suddenly sang to me, sang in words I knew little of until I pulled forth a pencil and began to write... Just a little taste at any rate.


What has Jeanne gotten into? I've been stewing over this part for a while and am not quite satisfied with it. Straight from sci fi into the magic and the monster bash. Yay.

The Phoenix and the Sea

The Phoenix... And water. I had a wonder what would happen if the two mixed.