Danielle Samson

I suppose it's time to update *smirks* Three years have gone by since I've posted any new art here so I suppose it's high time I got down to buisiness. I am now (for all intents and purposes)a ripe 21 years of age. I am also no longer in school *cringe* but I am working full time as a vocalist here in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Art-wise I've ventured more into coloured pictures and also recently tried my hand at sculpting (photo's pending). I won't delete my older pics, but the difference between old and new should be made apparent. I still have a long way to go before I'm happy with my finished product, but I hope you'll enjoy the output on my way to satisfaction. Removed: Snuggle/Someone to Watch Over Me, Let Me Get This Straight...., Xmas Pups