Darin Houston

My name is Darin and I am going to school to be a Web Developer. I've been drawing most of my life,mostly comic book type stuff but around the past 10 years have been doing some weird stuff,basicly anything that comes to mind. Unfortunatly most of my art doesn't fit into the fantasy, science fiction, or fan quarter catagories. Art for me is an escape, a way to to express myself and a way to let go of any feelings I may have bottled up inside. When I discovered my favorite artist (Vaughn Bode) it kinda changed my life. I took his style and adapted it to my own, therefore you will only see hints of Bode in my work. Unfortunatly, I learned I had discovered his work a decade after his death. He was one of those artists who transcended the printed page by influencing a whole generation of grafitti artists and you will still sometimes see the impressions he left behind.