Dan Netzel

    Ladies and Gentlemen,Thank you for stopping by, your time means a lot to me. Before you lie the writing selections of a young man. He was a very imaginative young man. He unfortunately did not complete many works.Please feel free to browse. He may find time to complete them in his older years.I'd like to again thank all of you who make Elfwood possible. Mods and founding members. Thank you so much, Elfwood has meant a lot to me over the years. Just knowing a resource like this is available to young men and women to express themselves as I did is important to me. Thank you. I like Writing, reading (audiobooks), and drawing. I may attempt to finish these stories, I may just leave them unfinshed. Favourite movies I WAS a big SG1 fan, liked Farscape, and I am a big Anime fan. Favorite animes are almost always Master Masamune's. Favourite books The Sandy Mitchell's Caiaphas Cain series (reminds me a lot of Ol' Flashy!), and Gaunt's Ghosts. A Commissar of the Imperial Guard who walks the fine line between duty and death. But by far, and the catalyst for all of my writings is Starship Troopers. Thank's Mr. Heinlein, you made it better for everyone. Favourite music Very wide tastes.

Crumbled Kingdom: Chapter 1. Son of the Aegis'

We get to meet Darius, who also gets to meet his family for the first time.

Crumbled Kingdom: The Aegis Events.

"No one likes Rogues! Especially not them creepy Aegis Rogues!" Life isn't easy when you're a Rogue, it's even worse, when you're an Aegis Rogue. Or an Aegis period! The Aegis Bloodline is still a mystery to those who live in Crumbled Kingdom. All that is know about the Aegis Bloodline is that it grants the person amazing abilities in a specialized role. Mages, Rogues, Knights, and even Alchemists can be Aegis. But finding out what your speciality is can be quite interesting as Darius will soon find out...

Izumi Chan!

A little girl saves the day! Dedicated to my nieces who will save the world one day.


'Ask yourself- Whats worth living for? A lot. What's worth dying for, then? Not a lot. So if you had the choice, it wouldn't be that hard would it? It would be worth killing for, wouldn't it?'