Dan Netzel

I am very grateful to Thomas and every Mod who keeps Elfwood up and running. It was a very meaningful portion of my youth and I return occasionally to login and thank you all again.

Crumbled Kingdom: Chapter 1. Son of the Aegis'

We get to meet Darius, who also gets to meet his family for the first time.

Crumbled Kingdom: The Aegis Events.

"No one likes Rogues! Especially not them creepy Aegis Rogues!" Life isn't easy when you're a Rogue, it's even worse, when you're an Aegis Rogue. Or an Aegis period! The Aegis Bloodline is still a mystery to those who live in Crumbled Kingdom. All that is know about the Aegis Bloodline is that it grants the person amazing abilities in a specialized role. Mages, Rogues, Knights, and even Alchemists can be Aegis. But finding out what your speciality is can be quite interesting as Darius will soon find out...

Izumi Chan!

A little girl saves the day! Dedicated to my nieces who will save the world one day.


'Ask yourself- Whats worth living for? A lot. What's worth dying for, then? Not a lot. So if you had the choice, it wouldn't be that hard would it? It would be worth killing for, wouldn't it?'