Darryl Taylor

Liquidd Hello All! My name is Darryl Taylor, but online I'm known as Liquidd. I am a Freelance illustrator/graphic designer by trade, but I am creating a fantasy novel online called Sorche' in my spare time (which is very scarce nowadays). I look forward to participating here at Elfwood and meeting many new inspiring friends. | update | Been busy with a few offline commissions, moving, and writing/illustrating my Sorche fantasy novel. At any rate, I'll try to submit stuff here as much as time allots. | mod choices | Special thanks to the elfwood moderators for choosing the below mod choice(s) to feature: Veilus Acasca Pogue Saga Elf Dragon Mage | fan art | I want to thank everyone who views and enjoys my work and my characters. It thrills beyond words to hear from you and know that in a small way my pieces can inspire. If you wish to draw my characters, I would be honored and I am currently adding a section for fan art of my characters on my site. Just let me know if and when you do draw one of my characters so I can add the picture and a link to your site, okay? :) | liquidd locales | A link list of other spots I frequent or have an account. These links are directly to my pages on these sites: deviantart.com epilogue.net (my idol Boris Vallejo visits here sometimes) artuproar.com gfxartist.com