Dustin Hotomi.

- - Last updated 04/20/03 - - - - - B - i - O - - - I enjoy all sports, extreme sports especially, and adventuring in the dark of night. Racing is also one of my favourites along with drifting. I love video games off all types even though I don't own many consoles, I play most of my games on the PC when I have time (something i dont have anymore). CG games is in my view one of the ultimate forms of entertainment. It isn't extreme like certain sports but it does add a lot of spice to your life and allows you to learn about people, language and many more. I had gymnastics training for about eight years, now I've retired from it and now I do regular exercises to keep myself in shape. I graduated from  Vancouver Film School in 2003.   I believe hand drawing is an important part of modelling an so it is one of my hobbies. I was a freelancer before and I did  models and designs for some companies . I was also commissioned to design a website but soon after I found that as much as I like design.  I've been workin as a graphics director for a promo team for clubs in Vancouver and handled core designs from logos to event posters.I enjoy talkin and interacting with people. Which is why I like laid back environments where I can enjoy an enlightening conversation Enough mumbo jumbo now, if you wanna know more about me visit my site. Email me about anything or if you wanna lil chat as long as it ain't advertisement or spam :).