Dawn-Earth Maloney

November 29, 2003 UPDATE: New Poem on my website - My Little Brother I'm thinking of turning it into a short sung lament type thingy...


This was a previous part of my bio. I thought it needed a new home ;).

Wistful Dreamdom

don't ask... the intended will figure it out...

The Magician's Apprentice

A short poem told from inside the head of a naughty apprentice...

Elusory Thoughts

again, don't ask... I'm in an odd mood today...


Written back in high school to apply to a writer's group. I got in ;). We published a book of poetry and short stories. This was included. :)

Ode to Gaia

I wrote this one on the spur of the moment in a chat room... a fellow chatter was upset that there wasn't a song containing the name of his beloved... so i took it upon myself to cheer him up... and in the process realised that what i had written had a lot more meaning than what was originally intended *grin*. so, i changed the title, and, walah! Hope you enjoy!

Prison Phase

This was also written in high school. The assignment was to provoke vivid sensual imagery. Did I pass? ;)


written for valentine's day... for me, love IS magic, so in my mind, it fits in... tell me what you think!

A Daughter's Wrath

A episodic style poem that I just started writing...this will eventually evolve into a full story someday *grin*


***NEW FLASH***I tweeked the meter a bit... so now whatcha think?*** Hehe, this was also very spur of the moment... I sent it in with my join application as my description of me and what inspires me. *giggle* I do, however, feel a very deep attachment to what I wrote, which is why I am posting it for all to see and comment on. For some reason, this one touched me, even as I was writing it... I don't know, heh, maybe its just me! Hope you enjoy.

What Can I Do

A poem I wrote when all was wrong and I thought nothing could ever be right again.

Someone Special

Inspired by another's poem, and by someone special to me... yet so very far away... Hehe, the shape of it reminds me of a Hershey's Kiss chocolate candy ;)

The Golden Ball

Last year at this time one of my English profs asked the class to write about the new millenium in our journals. This is what came out of mine.

The Watcher

A short poem inside the world of a mystic watcher's day...tell me what YOU think the watcher is...it reminds me of an ancient god or goddess...or not.

The Master's Fool

My pen and I got into an argument the other day... She was upset that I was spending so much time on my computer... I of course denied any such ridiculous thing, but... Here is the end result. (*wink* she is very happy with it I might add) ps- a side note to all, my pen is inhabited by a very jealous fairy spirit, and she is Never wrong! She also talks to me on a regular basis..... *grin*


The title says it all... my little search for the meaning of life, or something like that. I have always wondered why people insist that magic doesn't exist. I am of the firm belief that it happens every day, you just have to be open to it. Not to mention that the definition of magic is largely self-defined... I find a gorgeous sunset incredibly magical... so why must there be proof?

Silver Rose

This is a first feeble attempt at the beginning of what may someday become my first novel. I am planning on integrating the story of Daughter's Wrath into this somewhere... Please comment profusely, as I am venturing into uncharted territory... *gulp*


My warped surrealistic view on life when I was a warped teenager... muahahaha!!!

Noone Special

A poem I wrote the other day. You understand...

Happy Thoughts

My tribute to the community of Elfwood.

The Flower of my Life

I wrote this one about...er...7 years ago, hehehe. *mutters about getting old* More old stuff, hehehe. :)

Rational Thinking

This was written during the one year anniversary of the horrible tragedy at Oklahoma City. Not one of my best, but hey, its old ;).