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This one was done from a little story that i made up to pass the time. It's based on Star Wars. "The Character is Taria (she is human but known to have zabrak blood). AT this time with about 20 years old. She lived on planet Commenor(born in Corellia without recalling it) with her father, since her mother died when she was 5 years old. She always shown herself interested in mechanics and piloting. In her free time she always helped her father in his mechanics job, and when she could she made little "test drives" with the vehicles that she and her dad fixed. Her father Ian, knew his daughter add the star gaze in her eyes, he knew well how she tirsted for adventure, but he always shown not to agree a lot. After the Yuuzhan Vong Wars, a new pilot recruiting program started. Taria was 18, and tryed to convince her father to let her go. Ian didn't wanted to let her go, but he knew how is daughter was, he knew he would never be able to put chains on her freedom. He agreed to let her go and start her life. Taria started then her piloting career, and thanks to her great skills she quickly got into the ranks of the Rogue Squadron. Then her life made a quick turn. In one of her missions she had to infiltrate at a stolen base in the planet Bakura. There was smuggling going on, and Taria on the opposite of her commander's orders followed the mercenaries out of the base with a load of their cargo and chased them. Unfortunally she had minor luck, the mercenaries were captured by the Republic Agents and so was she. As they found the cargo of illegal weapons in her ship they arrested her and comunicated to her commander. But when she was beeing arrested, she struggled and without knowing how she trown one of the officers trough the air with just one hand raise. The Agents became frightened and decided to call someone to see who seh really was. While in her cell, she recieved a visit. A blonde man dressed with a black coat aproched her, she didn't knew him. He soon let her know his iddentity and why he was there, That men was noone else than Luke Skywalker wich the Republic officers contacted after what Taria had done. He soon realised she was related with the Force and made her the offer of training to become a Jedi and as the same time she could, wenever she wanted, to continue her dutys as  a Rogue Squadron member. She accepted and thanks to her skills, her courage and determination she soon became a well known Jedi Knight."

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