Residents of Middle Earth

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Emily Broyles

Now this is a group picture that would never happen. These are most/some of my Middle Earth muses. Deep breath, I'll explain all of them...On the far left, the elf girl with a slightly worried expression, that's Ithilwen. She lives in Rivendell...not much else to say about her yet. Next from the left, the girl standing in the back with the dark hair...that's Talith, lady of Gondor. Her family was killed by orcs in Ithilien, and she almost was. Still working on her story, really...Next, the little hobbit..His name is Mosco Took. Not much to say about him either, other than he's a typical hobbit. I like how his feet turned out, hehe. Next, the angry-looking blonde one...that would be Raina, shieldmaiden of Rohan, who's in a couple other pictures here. She happens to be glaring at the guy sitting with the sword, who would be Neithan. Neithan lives in Mordor, a commander of Sauron. He's evil, enough said, and Raina-muse hates him with a passion.(He wants to kill rangers, so it makes sense). I doubt that they'll ever really meet, but that's how it would be if they did meet. Next, the guy standing in the back is supposed to be Halbarad, Northern Ranger,..he looks a big young-ish, but I think he looks cute. Next is supposed to be Elladan, twin of Elrohir and son of Elrond, but I'm not quite sure he turned out right. He looks cute anyway. And lastly is Erestor, councillor of Elrond. I don't think he wanted to be in the picture at all, so that's why he turned out so horribly. ^__- *deep breath* Whew! A lot of explanation for just a little idle sketch,eh? Hehe, just be glad I didn't fit all my muses in there! The scan got cut off a little...I hope I can fix that soon.

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