K. Grey

Born: 05.31.1989Interests: The arts, necromancers, conceptual quantum physics, Orangina, nice paper, nice people, nice tofu, long coats, urban decay, this n' that.Music: Dead or Alive, Jonathan Coulton, Apocalyptica, Megaherz, Vanessa Mae, Jared Hudson, Moonspell, Blind Guardian, Hans Zimmer, Black tape for a Blue Girl, Kronus Quartet, Lemon Demon, Noir Desir, Wolfsheim, Richard Ashcroft, DJ Tiesto, Yasushi Ishii, The Hush Sound, Dargaard, Cat Power, E Nomine ... Home page: That place over there... Heroes: Neil Gaiman, Kenji Miyazawa, "V" (for Vendetta!), Naomi Chen, Tobias Kawn, Maera Cramer..................Thanks for comments and all, I hope you enjoy what you see.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.Also be sure to check out my regular (sci-fi/fantasy?) gallery for more constant updates.  And... I will be at Anime Boston 2007 this upcoming year, so if you live in the area, be sure to show up there in April.  I'll be selling prints and will be making more fanart images... I hope.