Piucca io

I have oak colored hair, green eyes, live in New York, i was born 12-03-84 I took an advertising art class in Wilson Tech that we learned mostly computer design. Right know I’m very much a bum, i sit on my butt and play video games and read books. I'm no longer in school but im trying to get into a new college, yay for me. Most of my art is faeries and Elfs and they almost always do not have backgrounds because almost all of them are sketches and my scanner isn't large enough to get the more impressive art on here so I hope you people out there don't mind.***:) I love when people leave comments...so if you don't, I will eat your ear lobs hahahahhaaaaa:P If you happen to play FFXI and are on the Carbnukle surver.. come say hi to ~~> Piucca ^^ im always happy to help people out with any problems you might run across. have a nice day ^.~