Lynn Taylor

Hello there it is me.Ever so long ago I wanted to be a portrait artist. Infact I did do a lot in school so i could have exstra pencils and paper. I am from a large poor family. I sold portrits of children forĀ  $1.00 american a piece so I could have extras I went threw three times the pencils and 6 times the paper of my siblings. Not cause of Homework though!I have always drawn Super heros {HULK Super man, spider man, Aqua man,} I am know for my Star Treck cartoons to. So bear with me some of them my be old.I deciced to get the fan art up cause some of my friends here had some realy good portraits Of Lagolis the elf and even Catptain Jack Sparrow. I missed doing portraits so much that I thought this would be so fun. So I hope my offerings here at least make people laugh or happy.